Welcome to my website! My name is Nancy Bennett and I am a seasoned, dual-trained counselor with over 20 years experience serving Mill Creek and near-by areas of Everett, Bothell, Lynnwood and Seattle. I offer a non-traditional approach to healing that incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and ‘homework assignments’ as well as experiential modes that reach well beyond the scope of ‘talk-therapy’ alone. My experience has taught me that insight, alone, tends not to lead to the desired, sustained inner shifts that people are seeking in their lives from counseling.

While very beneficial for those who are new to therapy, many of my clients expressed that, ultimately, talk-therapy, by itself, did not help them move forward in ways they had hoped. I offer effective, caring and creatively unique approaches in guiding people on their journey toward healing, discovery and living more authentically.

Because it is SO important to find the right therapist for you – one whose world-view, strategies and specialties best suit your needs and resonate with you, as a unique individual – in helping you move forward in your life in a good way – please Carefully review my following pages and see for yourself if you feel a resonance with what I share:

  • about myself and my background
  • my approach, unique strategies and tools I offer
  • the description of individuals who seem to resonate with my offerings
  • I serve women, men – ages 25 and above

We will both talk as well as take action in our work together.

After you explore my site, may I invite you to email me so we may discuss how my particular approach and style may suit your needs. I respond promptly if you send a message.