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Nancy Bennett Counseling Consulting

“Life can be transformed. I am no longer at the mercy of life. I have found a way to deal with life. I need not react. No one and nothing can hurt me when I find the strength not to react. The solution lies with me. I have the power-as I learn to use the Tools-to make life harmless to me. I can overcome the difficulties of life by not reacting to them.”
- Maurice Nicoll

Therapeutic Approach and Specialties

Engaging in a team approach with my clients, we work together in gaining a clearer understanding of and resolving challenges in your life--patterns often originating in childhood. I provide the right conditions for shifts to occur:

  • a supportive, safe environment with good boundaries
  • a structured 'process' for the client, providing consistency & a sense of 'progress' from session to session
  • hands-on guidance supporting the client in taking ownership of their own inner shifts -- practicing new skills of 'Mindfulness' - learning how to Change the Brain pathways
  • practicing awareness of the Present Moment - encouraging your belief in change
  • I serve as coach, scientist and cheer-leader in your process.
  • NOT one-size-fits-all. Creatively and skilled, I offer a variety of empowering modalities to suit your particular needs - allowing the "problem" to be "seen" in a diversity of ways, differing from typical 'talk-therapies'.

Developing mutual respect, honesty and sense of safety are essential ingredients for our relationship to 'grow' trust. My clients tell me they prefer my interactive, engaging and direct communication style. My communication skills are used in modeling and role-playing with my clients - demonstrating more effective ways in meeting their needs, better expressing their feelings without blaming. Together, we work in discovering your needs, identifying your feelings, and increasing constructive behaviors so you may feel more empowered and satisfied in your life and relationships and workplace.


  • Complementary and distinctive array of therapeutic approaches and methods are made available - for the purpose of accelerating one's inner work - in unearthing long-standing unsuccessful behavior patterns, and seeing more clearly the unquestioned, limiting fears and beliefs that continue to repeat in your present life causing distress and holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.
  • We tend to feel so all alone with our 'problems' and life struggles - and believe that others are somehow coping better than we are. Meeting together in a once a month Circle (see next two bullets, below) dispels these "less-than" beliefs about ourselves and supports a sense that: 'I'm not alone' and 'there's a safe, non-competitive place to share and learn from each other' - 'there is a sense of community around me who is willing to be Real, honest about their own struggles, and insightful and willing to share the mindfulness skills they're practicing in their own lives'. This Circle is a place where we can safely remove the Mask and increasingly feel a sense of belonging in a welcoming community of individuals working toward expressing their own inner authenticity and healing and desiring to support each other. Coming out of isolation gradually boosts self-esteem, builds trust and can significantly accelerate one's counseling work.
  • A gathering of people keen on Exploring Reality Dialogues meet once a month (free of charge). Engaging together exploring the misconceptions we hold about life and about ourselves--often due to pressures from society-- creating our self-doubt and emotional inner discontent. Together, in this safe environment, the group supports each others' learning and discovery by connecting through shared experiences. This is Conversation in Dialogue rather than a 'therapy' group.

    An experience shared by a participant of the Dialogues: "My experience at work today was so much better because I went to the Dialogues last night. The more I am with other supportive people who are also seeking their true selves and being authentic, the more I know myself and can be myself in the "real" world. I saw/felt a clearer distinction between me and ego today and the gap was bigger. I felt happy and joyful even. Thanks to all that made it to the dialogues and for helping me charge my healthiness battery."
  • Constellations work is a most remarkable and phenomenal method for seeing and feeling more clearly the pathways toward healing unresolved issues that have been--for a long time--hidden from our awareness and have frustrated our moving forward, keeping us stuck. And, in the loving support of the Circle, we experience our possibility for opening by truly seeing these patterns (that we've 'known about' for years) and actually feeling empowered to 'let go' - a process that may otherwise take years in traditional 'talk-therapy' to be accessed.
  • I also provide brief counseling papers offering guidance and tips for a most productive experience both in session and in-between sessions.
  • The therapeutic approaches utilized in my work guide clients beyond insight, alone, and, in dynamic ways - moving toward experiencing your true nature, confidently living a more authentic and meaningful life.

Mindfulness is a practice of active, aware attention on the present moment. When you are mindful, you are observing your thoughts and feelings as if standing back and Noticing them as 'objects', without judging them 'good' or 'bad'. Mindfulness skills bring relief from thoughts that make you unhappy about yourself, your situation or your partner. Practicing mindfulness creates personal empowerment and inner peace--increasing freedom from fear and anger against yourself, other people in your life, or your life situations. Mindfulness allows you to simply BE... in this moment...with whatever is happening... more skillfully.

I invite your experiencing and sharing my passion for enhancing Awareness by visiting my two Counseling Face book Fan pages:

Body Spirit Connection



Gain Tools for:

  • balancing life’s necessities with your personal needs - utilizing tools in your tool kit when feeling overwhelmed
  • setting boundaries - saying ‘No’ and feeling good rather than guilty
  • discovering your feelings - connecting with your intuition which becomes your guide in life choices rather than feeling hopeless and depressed
  • learning how to identify and ask for your needs in respectful ways - diminishing anger & resentment, chronic disappointment
  • loving yourself enough to let go of the need to 'please' others, fearful they 'won't like you'.
  • building confidence in your own Truth rather than feeling nagging self-doubt and inadequacy
  • gaining freedom from psychological traps from the past - negative self-talk - "Future-tripping" about the future, about what others are thinking, about what you think you did wrong, about what someone 'should' have done that they didn't, assuming what someone meant that is hurtful to you
  • recognizing thinking errors that create painful interpretations of what others do or say and feeling hurt, offended and angry
  • remembering and rekindling the 'spark' you felt with your partner, feeling interested in each other, reconnecting with qualities that you initially valued about each other.
  • strengthening the foundation of your relationships with healthy communication skills and authentically sharing healthy vulnerable feelings
  • recognizing habitual patterns of thoughts & interpretations that will aid you in responding in new and more satisfying rather than habitual ways toward life and loved ones

Building a Strong Recovery from Addictions by:

  • working together on building Recovery Support
  • utilizing Recovery Packet and Tools for Sobriety
  • creating a Recovery Structure in your life

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