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Nancy Bennett Counseling Consulting

“If we look to others for fulfillment, we will never truly be fulfilled. If our happiness depends on money, we will never be happy with ourselves. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”
- Lao Tzu

About the Counselor - Background/Experience

I was curious about human nature as early as my teens. I read in search of and pondered about life's meaning in my 20’s. Confusion and emotional pain were my catalysts. I sought spiritual teachers who guided me in developing and strengthening my inner life. I did not follow societies' prescribed order; instead, I discovered my own path which continues to unfold before me as I listen and sense.

My personal adventures in the solitude and beauty of Nature have contributed to my continuing growth in addition to the ‘book learning’, developing Trust in ‘not knowing’ (what will happen), allowing new experiences, growing Intuition and listening to the wisdom of the body for guidance and direction.

I take the best that Western Psychology and Eastern Mindfulness of the present moment has to offer for new ways of approaching life and engaging confidently. My counseling approach is built on the foundation of my own inner work and utilization of mindfulness tools that I share with you; and down-to-earth and interactive. I teach communication skill-building, improved coping skills for daily life, freedom from co-dependency traps leading to greater personal confidence. I work in collaboration with my clients in recovery from family-of-origin limitations. Seeing the Whole Person, I am also interested in your health and lifestyle habits. I work with addictions and the enabling behaviors experienced in relationships. I offer my clients concrete methods for keeping the process “alive” in between sessions.

Training and Licensing: I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from University of Oregon, a Masters of Counseling degree in mental health from Seattle University, and an addictions credential from the State of Washington-I am dual-licensed (1998): in both mental health and addictions counseling. I am progressive with continuing education. I am a member of both Seattle Counselors' Association and a professional peer-consultation group. I also consult with a psychiatrist on issues of medication when clinically appropriate.

My post-graduate experience began in 1993:

  • Transition counselor for homeless women with mental health issues
  • Support group leader for women survivors of domestic abuse
  • Family therapist for parents and their teens who were in inpatient substance abuse treatment
  • In-home coaching for parent/child issues
  • Independent practice serving individual adults, adolescents, and couples and families, substance abuse assessment and counseling
  • Multi-cultural experience with diverse populations, backgrounds and sexual orientation
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